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Permit me to say this. ‘The Best thing that has ever happened to mankind after Sliced Bread is SPSS”! Yes, I mean Statistical Package for Social Sciences.

As a Research Assistant working in a purely Mechanised University, I could sense a significant relationship between Data Analysis (Using SPSS) and frustration among Final Year Students. I mean, Students just get...


When decisions or judgements are to be made from a study or a descriptive data, it is imperative to adopt various techniques for inferences.

One way to make inferences is by formulating a Hypothesis. A hypothesis may be needed in a study for users to decide appropriately on whether an assumption is true or false.

To make this tutorial simple and straight forward for a beginn...


1. Re-Paraphrase - So you have found information that is perfect for your research paper. Read it and put it into your own words. Make sure that you do not copy verbatim more than two words in a row from the text you have found. If you do use more than two words together, you will have to use quotation marks.
2. Cite - Citing is one of the effective ways to avoid plagiarism. Fol...


So when I talk about coming at a niche from a different angle, this example is exactly what I mean. Skint Dad is a site that helps young / new dads save money and be more frugal in their day to day living. There’s also a section on their that shows guys how to make a little more cash on top of their monthly day job wage, which is vital in some cases just to keep your head above water. A lot of ne...